Game Play

  1. Click on the buttons. Don't press the enter key unless the button is highlighted. This is caused by a javascript feature which I have no idea how to fix.

  2. You can only find one spell from each of the chosen locations. Once you have found a spell don't bother with more words but go to another place.

  3. The scarce commodities are money and mana. Use what you have carefully or you could get trapped.

  4. The game has many interwoven paths. You can not access the entire game in one playing. React differently to situations to see where it takes you.

  5. The game is still being developed, therefore there is no fixed ending yet.

  6. You HAVE to have the book IN your inventory to learn spells.

  7. You HAVE to have mana to cast spells. Talk to Sir Gates or Mr. Beasley about where to find Mana to get things rolling.

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