Mind Control Adventures

Due to the adult nature (partial nudity, occasional coarse language and adult themes) you must be at least 18 years old in order to proceed.
  Adults Only I'm not 18 years old and made a mistake in coming here.  Please let me out.

Download Instructions
  1. Download the Main File (Most current version) from the "Spell 4 All" category on HypnoPics Collective
  2. Select a directory of your choice to download the game ~3 MBytes.
  3. Now Download all of the Patches (up to 5 of them).
  4. Using Winzip, decompress the MAIN file into its own directory.
  5. Using Winzip, decompress the PATCH files IN ORDER into the SAME directory and OVERWRITE ALL FILES.
  6. Open file index.html from the directory of your choice.
  7. FireFox or Internet Explorer (v5 or later) are suggested (if not required) to play the game.