Phone Message

You listen to the message on the answering machine.

"Hello," says a rough voice. It sounds like Mr. Beasley. "I wanted to thank you for the book .

As you can guess by now, I know a spell or two myself and, thanks to your little gift, I can learn more. I bumped into Ms. Jones, who said that you are trying to find me. I advise you to stop or you will lose more than just an old book."

Mr. Beasley's voice takes an evil twist, making a chill run down your spine.

After a slight pause the message continues, "I am truly grateful for what you have given me so far and I may have a position open for another assistant if you prove useful. Help me find one more thing and I promise you a reward that you will remember for a long time. In the book I have read the words Dai Chu. I must have the meaning of these words. Tell me where I can find this information and I will reward you handsomely."

Do you want to

go to the kitchen