Ms. Jones' Lesson

Ms. Jones unexpectedly pulls your trousers down.

"Relax," she coos. "Zee lesson I have today is about earning rewards . If you do zee good work for zee teachers we do work for you."

"Please don't, Ms. Jones," you say, trying to push her hand away. "You don't know what you are doing. Mr. Beasley has done something to you."

"Ohh, Monsieur Beasley," she says again, her expression increasing with desire. "He did do something to me. Something very special. Zat is why I have to give you something special too."

"No Ms. Jones! Mr. Beasley is a thief and you should not do this."

Ms. Jones is clearly under the influence of a spell. You should leave her alone before her actions go too far.

Do you want to:

stay with Ms Jones
exit the room