Sir Ronald's Diary

  26 August 2001

He visited me again today and again he asked for the artifact. He knows that I have it now and he knows that his power is limited until I surrender my artifact.

All these years I hoped that Beasley forgave my ancestors for the ownership. Only recently did I witness his jealousy. Maybe it has been within him all along his training in the arts. Worse yet, his apprentice Davy has an influence I like not. That young man has ambitions which I am scared to tell Beasley. They have no appreciation of the meaning of guardianship of the most powerful book on earth.

I fear that they will send someone to steal my artifact. So much that I have taken to wearing a loaded gun. God help us if the book should fall into the wrong hands.

I told the authorities about my danger. Mayor Thomas guaranteed me that she would protect my life. I hope that she can do so.


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