History of the Sanctuary Arms

When Glenvale was first founded a dark coven of witches opened a hellgate. Arrogant in their power and curiosity, the coven believed that they could control the forces that they had unleashed. It was not so.

An ancient family of mystics found out about the gate, managed to close it with a mystic artifact that locked it down, and remained in Glenvale to make sure that it would never be reopened. To aid in this task, they built a building called The Sanctuary Arms.

Later an evil warlock, Carl Kurndorf, stole the artifact and managed to kill the most powerful of the guardian family through treachery and unholy alliances while they were trying to prevent the Hellgate from opening. The guardian's apprentice and lover managed a barrier spell that trapped her in the dungeon beneath the building to prevent the gate from opening. Her presence is a cork to stop the hellgate's opening. Since the apprentice was trapped, and the other protectors were murdered, Carl Kurndorf took over the town. He set himself up as ruler in the very building which guards the hellgate and from which he stole the artifact.

Carl Kurndorf renamed the building which became his seat of power to commemorate this major event in his life: The building known as The Broken Inn Hotel.

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