There are a number of books about history, one of which is titled, "The Death of Kurndorf."

You sit down and read the story.

Kurndorf stood no more. Women, corrupted by his spirit, wailed at his passing - while others, now free of his spell, wept and railed at the heavens for forgiveness of the acts comitted while under his sway. And yet more looked around, suspicious that the monster might rise again to possess another. The sermon was brief, the clergy unwilling to give the devil within the coffin his last rites.

Upon the crypt the priests laid a tablet of strange scripture and then prayed over the crypt to seal the tomb. As the voices died and the prayer came to an end, the tablet shook in fierce anger.

It was deemed that no one should ever decipher that scripture nor move the tablet that imprisons Kurndoff's spirit in the most magical and wild of places, so far removed from what was left of their colony.