Davy Defeated!!

Davy's power is drained, leaving him defenseless against your magic and weaponry. It would seem like he is completely at your mercy, and something about the look on his face tells you that he knows it.

He seems about ready to plead his case when you are surprized by a flash of movement from behind him.

"Serves you right you ASSHOLE," She says still holding the very heavy book from the bookcase. Moments later she sets the book down and looks at you, no trace of the spell left on her face.

"Now," She says in a moment of extreme lucidity. "I know he was controlling me with some sort of spell." You are about to say something when she cuts you off before you can get a word out. "AND..." She says, the look in her eyes enough of a warning to keep your trap shut. "And I know that you can do the same thing...."

Yep, definately not under his control anymore. You think to yourself.

"So, here's what I suggest." She says, cocking her hip as she smiles at you. "I am going to leave town, I don\'t care anymore. This is just too fucked up. My mom will be fine. And you... You will keep those lips shut or I swear to god I will knock you into next tuesday."

"Understand?" She asks...

Do you want to:

nod your head "yes..." and then go back to the bar