Guest Room

Giving her a bit of a smirk, you cross your arms and speak two simple syllables, "Dai Chu."

A look of confusion flashes momentarily across her face as the first wave of desire lightly rises up within her, the power of the magic slowly causing her body to warm in spite of herself. Her lips suddenly dry, she takes a slow moment to lick them before resuming her hard stare, though the icy edge has dulled from across it, "Look, take yourself and your sneezes somewhere else and I'll just forget about this, all right?"

Even as she says this, her eyes are losing some of their determination, slowly losing focus as the force of the magic swells up within her. The mana slowly eating away at her resistance, yet she struggles, fighting against the sudden urges, eyes flashing with a confused anger as the sensations penetrate into the walls of her self- control, making her grow hotter and hotter. Finally, in a voice that almost trembles she manages to force out a command: "Leave now! ... please...?"

Do you want to

Footnote: Script by EH