Her pleas fall on deaf ears as you become drunk with the tantalizing power you hold over her. Not even the wild pleading of her eyes reaches you, so lost is your mind in the sea of magic flowing from between your bodies. As you order her down upon all fours on the bed, you can see the magic asserting itself, the spell finalizing its hold upon her panicked mind.

Still slightly caught up in her own rebellion against the seemingly unstoppable force of the spell, she watches helplessly as you approach her. A broken groan escapes her lips as she finds herself responding to your touch. She can't help it. Her body has already been lost to the crashing waves of sensation you send through her, pounding against her sense of self, slowly eroding it bit by bit, weakening her resolve as she grows slick with anticipation.

When you at last take her, the crash of pleasure carries away that last bit of resistance, smashing it into oblivion as she begins to return your use with a hungry enthusiasm, though her eyes, unseen, carry of a note of resigned sadness.

Do you want to

Footnote: Script by EH