Nina Under a Spell

"Anything for you..." she says, her voice quickly beginning to drip with sex.

You step near her again and begin to run your hands up and down her body, savoring the feel of her oh-so-supple skin. "That's right, Nina... anything. Now kiss me."

In a flash she had her arms up and around you, her mouth firmly pressed up against yours as her tongue explores your mouth. Her body reacts to your every touch as her moans begin to slip out between her kisses.

You enjoy the attention of your newest slave, and then slip away - realizing that you're not quite done with this one.

"So Nina..." you begin. "Yes?" she whispers demurely. "What is the most imporant thing in your life?"

"You are..." she says, her look of adoration beginning to win you over.

"And what would you do if you knew it would make me happy?" - - "Anything..." she says.

"And is there anything you would deny me, Nina?" you ask as you hold her possessively in your arms. - - "No, nothing," she says.

Do you want to:

"And what does that make you, Nina?"