"Mmm... so you DO want to see more!" A tremor of excitement rises in her voice, a pitch of hungry desire: "I have sooo much more to show you too...All you have to do is say please darling..."

Her breasts fall from the white confines of the blouse, standing firm and ripe upon her chest. More and more she feels the thrilling rush of this exhibition rushing through her body, a moan of need escaping her lips as her hand snakes down, seeking out the junction between her legs with a hungry rush. As the spell's hold grows over her mind, she begins to feel the thoughts of her husband and all others in her life fading away, replaced by a burning hunger for the one before her, for you. Her mind fills with the desire to submit, to be owned, to serve.

Her will has been consumed by the fury of the spell, and she belongs to the magic, and more importantly, she belongs to the one who wielded the magic: You.

As she lets out hoarse, empassioned gasps of need, she manages to get out, "Please... all you need to say is please ... I need you to say it... Please, please say please..."

Footnote: Script by EH