Giving Nina Another Lesson

"I think its time for another lesson, Nina," you say, looking around to see if anyone else is close by. For the time being, the coast seem to be clear.

Nina quickly sheds her few pieces of clothing, an act she is getting rather good at quite quickly.

"Yes !" she says, an excited look passing through her eyes at the thought of pleasing you. "Take me again. Use me like the slave I am. Please, !" she begs.

"I would do anything for you, !" she stammers between moans of pleasure as she administers to your every need.

"You and your pleasure are all I live for now," she moans as she brings you to climax.

"As it should be, Nina, my little minx," you say, smiling as she almost orgasms from your praise.

Do you want to:

clean up and speak with your minx some more
leave the station