Gina Under a Spell

Without thinking, and driven by the desire welling up within her, Gina immediately begins to reveal what she's wearing underneath her clothing.

"Now. Why are you doing that Gina? Why are you doing what I told you to do?"

"Be... Because I wanted to. I am a strong, independent woman and I only do what I want to do?" she says, although this time finishing the statement as a question, as if already seeking your approval.

"We'll see," you say. "But if you wanted to do that, then what does that mean about me? Why would you be stripping just for me?"

"Uhmm..." she says, confused, then her expression changes as she finally finds a target for her blooming desire. "Because I am trying to seduce you," she finally gets out.

"Seduce me?" you ask. "Well, you would be much more effective at that if you didn't tell me you were trying first. Besides, I don't think you're trying to seduce me. At least not very hard," you say somewhat derisively. "I'm not really even attracted to you."

She is somewhat taken aback. From her looks, you would guess she has never been told that before. "Not attracted... Why not? What should I do, what are you attracted to?" she whimpers.

"I go more for the submissive type... the type that does what she is told because she is told to do it."

"Tell me what to do!" she cries. "I have to have you!"

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