Groundskeeper Pamela Under a Spell

She takes only a moment before she turns to you and, with pure lust in her eyes, cries out for you to take her.

"You are sure," you ask, keeping her at arm's length as the tries to pull you against her. "You want me to take you, knowing full well that you will become my slave?" - - "Yes," she says, trying to kiss you.

"You know that it will leave you completely unable to resist me? Leave you as little more than a object that I could use in any way that I want?" - - "Yes," she says, more in earnest as she begins pulling off your clothes.

"And you will submit yourself to me? Willingly, knowing that it was your choice? Your choice to become my plaything, my pet, my loyal slave. Devoted to me and my disire above all other things in your life?" you ask, no longer even attempting to hide the devilish smile from your face or your voice. - - "YES!" she cries out. "Cure me! Claim me! Take me! I am yours!"

"Please... ," she pleads, submitting to slavery before you even begin to "cure" her. The act of which you find exceptionally pleasurable as she releases all the pent up sexual energy that she had been collecting during her service at the church.

"You are mine now," you say as she lies beneath you... to which she simply replies "Yes, , oh yes..."

Do you want to:

talk to Pamela some more
walk back around to the Church doors