A Crisis of Faith

The sister is lost in prayer and does not hear the words of your spell. All the same, you see the telltale glow in her eyes and you feel the mana coiling out to draw her under. Remembering the firm will of the Mother Superior, you decide to proceed cautiously; a nun might be able to resist this devilish power.

"Sister," you say. "I actually came here today to offer you counsel. Even from without the building I felt the wavering of a troubled soul, and felt called to seek it out. Tell me, Sister. Are you the one I have sought? Have you been feeling doubts in your heart?"

Desiree is dumbstruck for a moment at your declaration. You maintain your look of concern, but inwardly you laugh. Your lie has confused her, and in her moments of confusion the spell is opening her to you, making her more pliable.

"Are you... you are some manner of holy ? You do not look it, but... I cannot deny you speak the truth. I have felt doubts, and... base desires."

Do you want to:

"Tell me of these desires, Desiree. I only wish to help you."