Sister Desiree Under a Spell

Desiree trembles so hard at your words that she collapses. "All is well," she assures you, fondling herself. "I am merely preparing myself for your coming, ."

As she says, by the time you lay a hand on her there are slick drops rolling bead-to-bead down her rosary.

It is astonishing how skilled she seems. Her hands and tongue seem to seek out just the perfect spot without effort. She is obviously a virgin, which leaves you to wonder if perhaps those dreams of hers were truly prophetic. Perhaps she truly has been practicing in her sleep every night, just for you.

"Desiree," you say, when you and she lay exhausted just within the hedge-maze. "You must spread the Word."

"I understand, ," she says breathlessly. "This is my destiny. I will do all I can for you."

Do you want to:

Clean up and exit the hedge maze