Victoria Under a Spell

She looks at you, seemingly much more in control of herself than any other you have seen when the spell takes hold.

"You... you just said Dai Chu,didn't you," she says, more than asks. "I... I can feel it working inside me, filling me with desire I did not have only moments ago."

"I, uhm.... I mean to say..." you stammer, caught off-guard by someone who knows so much about something you have only recently uncovered. But does this mean that she knows of magic as well?

"Do not be afraid," she says. Curious that she would try to console you considering that you just cast a spell that will eventually enslave her. "After all, in a few moments I will be your willing slave and would no longer be a threat to you, even if I were magical myself," she says, as if reading your mind.

Do you want to:

"Uhm... You're not reading my mind, are you?"