Victoria Under a Spell

"Oh ," she cries as you take her, over and over again.

Sometime later, and after some of the most interactive sex play you have had in some time, you finally find yourself sitting across from her in another chair.

Although you are exhausted, it would seem that your new slave has more energy and training than you previously thought possible. "So, was that the spell or do I have your 'father' to thank for all of that?"

"The spell cerainly helps to keep me perpetually ready for you, , and I was one of my fathers favorite pets," she says thoughtfully. "But there is... something... about you that brings out the animal in me," she says, albeit in her usual stoic tone of voice.

You barely stifle a bout of laughter, not sure what was more humerous... the entire situation, or the way that she said "animal" with so little emotion that it makes you wonder if she is capable of emotion at all.

"I am yours now, . In every way possible. Just the same as every other piece of merchandise in what is now your store as well. Which I will continue to watch over as long as you wish it of me."

Do you want to:

leave the store in Victoria's capable hands