Madison Under a Spell

She hesitates for only a moment before the heightened desire from the spell banishes all modesty that may have gotten in the way. "Anything you say," she says, flashing you a grin.

Moments later she not only has her shirt and bra lifted up but has managed to hick up her skirt and slightly pulled down her panties.

You're not sure if she even realizes how far she has already fallen. "Not a bad start," you say, challenging her for more.

"Oh yeah," she says, rising to the bait. "Not enough for you, huh? Good thing you're so cute. Normally I wouldn't dare do stuff like this," she says, her voice completely missing the concern that you would expect in that statement. "So, what else do I have to do to keep from getting turned in?"

Do you want to:

"Display yourself for my viewing pleasure."