Madison Under a Spell

"Oh my god," she says as you step away from her. "No one has ever made me feel like that." And you watch as she shudders from just thinking about the orgasm she just experienced. "You have to do that again."

"I don't have to do anything," you say forcefully. "You are my slave, remember? I can get you fired at any time."

"But, but," she stutters, looking like a toddler that just had her favorite toy taken away.

"But nothing, slave. I am your now, and you will do anything and everything I say just for the hope of pleasure the likes of which I just gave you." Fear and doubt flash across her face as you continue. "Remember, you broke my radio..."

"Besides," you say, stepping up and running your hand down over her breast. "Its not as if you didn't like being my slave and that was for just a moment. Think of what it would be like to be my slave... permanently. You'd like that, wouldn't you."

It takes her a moment, but she eventually wispers... "Yes," ever-so-quietly.

"Yes... what?" you whisper flatly in her ear.

"Yes ," she says, finally looking you in the eye before you give her a deep, deep kiss. You can feel her body shudder from yet another orgasm as she finally gives in and accepts her fate.

"What do you wish of me, ?" she asks finally.

Do you want to:

"Go back to the station and wait for me there."