Kristin Enspelled

The shielded spell pulses outward, and suddenly everybody but you and your victim has something better to do than look into the bank manager's office. Kristin, for her part, is looking a little flushed in your presence and, perhaps in some desperate attempt to resist these feelings, studies the accounts on her desk.

"Well, ah, if you have no further business..." she bites her lip, needful, and after a furtive glance her passion gets the better of her. "Nothing else you want me for..."

You rise to the invitation, standing and leaning over her desk. "As a matter of fact, there is," you say. Lithe and catlike (at least in her eyes), you crawl onto her desk.

She leans back in her seat and gazes up at you, surprised and uncertain.

"You look confused," you tell her, and she nods her assent, her smile matching yours in spite of the shock.

Do you want to:

ask - "Is there something that doesn't add up?"

Script by Tilde