Kristin Enspelled

"Please do?" she says, her voice oddly pleading as once more her attraction to you rises to the surface.

"Well, let's review our facts, shall we? I'm sure everything will make perfect sense if I list everything properly and you listen to me," you say, and she nods.

"You don't mind that I am on your desk, nobody is paying attention to our behavior, you are taking your clothes off for me, I understand everything perfectly, you are listening carefully to me so that you can understand as well-"

"Oh!" she interrupts you. "Perhaps I'm dreaming?"

"You should play with your breasts," you recommend, and she does. Her face remains passive, though her breath comes a little heavier.

"I thought pinching was how you tested whether you were dreaming."

"It's a question of sensation," you explain. "You can tell you aren't dreaming now, because you feel your hands kneading your breasts, arousing you, making you want to obey me more with every touch."

"Obey?" she says, her voice quavering. "Why would my hands make me want to obey?"

Do you want to:

"Come up here a moment and I'll explain it in more detail."

Script by Tilde