Louise Under a Spell

"Of... Of course I want the truth. I trust you completely," she says.

You snap the trap shut. "You do want to be my slave, Louise. You have never wanted anything more and you know that every moment you obey me will be absolute bliss."

Again, she doesn't miss a beat. Her mind absorbs this, accepts it as Truth, and moves on to dealing with what that means. "Then how do I become your slave? Please, I want to be yours so badly it hurts! I need you to be my !"

"You will obey me in all things," you say. It isn't a question.

"Of course!"

"Everything you own is mine," you press. "You live only for my pleasure."

"Yes!" she promises. "Anything! Just please, let me be your slave!"

Do you want to:

"Prove your worth to me then"

Script by Tilde