Megan Falling for It

Your spell fills the nurse's mind and she gives you a look that seems a little more friendly than is required of hospital staff.

Catching the look, you decide she's going to be easy to put under, so you might as well have fun with it.

"Say, what's your name, gorgeous?" you ask with a big lecherous leer.

"Wow, that's not a very good pick-up line," she says, laughing at you. "Maybe you should tell me your name first."

"Well, my friends call me , and my many lovers call me . If you want to be my lover, I could just call you slave, but otherwise..."

"Megan," she says quickly. "Are you just full of pick-up lines?"

"I'm a regular dispenser," you say, drawing another laugh. You leer again, and say, "Of all sorts of things."

Do you want to:

"Would you like me to show you what kind of things?"

Script by Tilde