Mrs. Granger practically purrs as she leans back, looking at you lustfully, "I am going to show you such a good time... Why don't you come over here baby and give me the best fuck of my life."

The spell has totally consumed the will of the woman before you, her lust-filled body eagerly responding to you, spreading her legs, revealing in a soft motion the expanse of her inner thighs, before her hands snake out, threading through your hair as she pulls your face down to her lower lips. Her body shakes with a feverent passion against yours, again and again, the pleasure dancing across her mind before her lips part and she manages a whimpering beg to be allowed to do the same for you. With a seemingly unquenchable thirst for passion, she remains unrelenting in her need for your kiss, your touch, your feel.

She seems insatiable in her desire. Your bodies meet time and again, wild forces of aggressive need burning with a passion almost unknown. Still she cries out for more, her thirst still burning for another, and another. At last, you feel your body drained, your strength weakened, and your energy almost totally gone, and you can tell she is exhausted as well, and yet she begs you, pleads with you... anything for more.

Script by EH