"Oh yes!" she moans, orgasming at your command - her new reality finally washing over her in the overwhelming wave of pleasure.

When she recovers she looks around, a sense of loss in her eyes. For a moment you wonder if something went wrong, then she looks up at you. "Please," she begs "Please, will you be my ?" She strips out of her clothes and kneels at your feet. "Please, I have no purpose without someone to own me. Who will I love? Who will I worship?"

You smile down at her, and pat her on the head - running your hand through her dark hair. "Of course, my pet. I will take good care of you. You belong to me now. I own you."

She smiles a slow smile and looks up at you. "Oh thank you, . I will be the most loyal, loving pet. I will do anything you ask and I promise to never disobey you... I owe you everything \; without you I am nothing."

You can hardly take it anymore, and pull her up to you and kiss her. She responds, passionately running her hands over your body.

You feel her need for you, her desire. Then, pushing her back to her knees you unzip your pants. "Now, my pet. Worship your like the good little bitch you are," you command, looking down at her.