The End Of the Road

Jesse positively exudes sexual energy as you give in, lean forward, and finally at long last lay your lips upon hers.

You kiss her deeply, pouring all of your passion into your embrace and you can feel her open herself up to your enamorous advances.

Then you experience the most alien feeling you have ever felt in your life.

Within your own ears ecos the empty sound of your own soul being sucked down into the abyss that is the Legion within the body of Jesse. The instant that it begins, you know that you are lost. The Demon devours your soul as if it were a fine meal.

Moments later she pulls you away and looks into your deep, black, soulless eyes. "Very good, my pet." She says. "Now. We have much work to do."

You simply nod to your new Mistress, accepting your new life with abandon. And the best part is... You love every second of it.

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