The End Of the Road

Within moments of dropping your own hair clipping into the cup you realize the severity of your mistake.

A sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach accompanies a wrenching feeling deep within you as your soul is ripped from your body and bound forever within the quartz crystal upon the altar.

Gazing out through the hazy walls of your crystalline prison you can see the Ghost of Kurndorf laugh maniacally as his spirit moves to inhabit the now-soulless husk that was once your body.

"Fool, !" he says derisively. "Did you really think that a man of my power would deign to serve one such as you? You fell right into my trap!"

Moments later you hear your own voice finish the reborn Warlock's ranting. "Now this town shall feel the wrath of Carl Kurndorf REBORN. Let all tremble and serve at my feet."

The Witch warned you... "Even in death Kurndorf is dangerous," she said. If only you had listened.

Do you want to:

Restart the game and do things differently