Mind Control Adventures

Due to the adult nature (partial nudity, occasional coarse language and adult themes) you must be at least 18 years old in order to proceed.
  Adults Only I'm not 18 years old and made a mistake in coming here.  Please let me out.


A Spell For All

A mysterious book and a journey of discovery.



Download Version 10 (2.2megs)

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  Erotic Mind Control Adventures are currently being built by the EMCA project group. To find out more please visit our discussion forum or e-mail Wizard.

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What's New: 5 June 2002

  • After a long break the update has finally arrived.
  • Extended most paths and new characters. For the first time you can now win the game but it is very difficult.
  • Thanks to Psi-Ki, who provides the most input and inspiration for the game.

Coming up

  • Please send in your ideas about game. I would like to know what you like and don't like in the game. I take constructive criticism well.