Mind Control Adventures

Due to the adult nature (partial nudity, occasional coarse language and adult themes) you must be at least 18 years old in order to proceed.
  Adults Only I'm not 18 years old and made a mistake in coming here.  Please let me out.


A Spell For All

A mysterious book, and a journey of discovery, danger, and control.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Erotic Mind Control Adventures are currently being built by FirstBorn and the Hynopics Collective.

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If you have ideas or would like to make suggestions/submissions please refer to the FAQ for information on how to do so.

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What's New: 1st March 2007

  • Release version 13.00
  • Fixed most spelling/grammer issues (thank you Tilde)
  • Streamlined a LOT of the old flow issues
  • Cash is now handled the same as Mana (no Wallet anymore)
  • Spells are no longer "dropable" but nor do they count against the 20 item limit
  • Added MANY MANY things including but not limited to:
    • Expanded Witch Seance
    • Added Demon Path
    • Added Kurndorf Ritual Path
    • Added new locations: Church, New Age Shop, Antique Shop, Radio/Tv Station
    • Added more charm series than I care to mention, including some old flames
    • NEW SPELL!! - Invisibility
    • Lots of new items
    • and many more...


  • For everone to enjoy themselves as it will be a bit before v14 development starts


Where did this come from??

Older versions of this game, version 12, (Originally written by Wizard) can be found at the EMCA project group. To find out more please visit the old discussion forum.