Ms. Jones In French Classroom

Ms. Jones greets you in the classroom. There is something odd about her eyes and her expression is a mixer of hunger and despair. The teacher's body is swaying in time to music played on the radio, a wicked grin escaping her lips.

"Ms. Jones," you gasp. "What are you doing here? Did you find Mr. Beasley?"

"Mmm, Monsier Beasley," the teacher moans to herself. "Yes I have found zee wonderful M. Beasley and he taught me some things I did not know about myself. Hmmm."

"Ms. Jones! Are you alright?"

"Oh yes , I am feeling very well and I am glad zat you are here. I must instruct you in some very important lessons about zee French."

You are not sure which way to turn, either out of the door or wait to see what lessons Ms. Jones has for you.

Do you want to:

wait for the lesson
exit the room