As you look at Mrs. Adams, you let the words come, speaking them with a clear succinct purpose, "Dai Chu."

You can feel the drain of the mana fleeing your body, rushing out as it takes form under the conditions of your spell, then flashing into the body of the woman before you. The confusion comes first, playing across her features as the spell takes hold in her mind, its tendrils snaking about. Nothing in its path remains untouched, her body suddenly finding itself seized with a growing wave of desire. Her ego, her ambitions, all fall to dust against the spell you have cast, as a sense of exhibitionism instills itself in the fertile soil of her mind, then begins to grow with a sudden speed and urgency.

As the disks and papers lie forgotten on the floor, she looks your way, eyes steadily growing hotter and hotter as a growing passion, a lust, appears in them. Her lips part as her tongue snakes across them, an almost hungry twitch as she shifts slightly in her chair. Still her eyes conveyed a nervous sense of confusion, hands working against each other as they attempt to fight the urge to run themselves all over her body.

Her voice is a throaty moan as she shifts in her chair, legs pressed tightly together, her body almost squirming, "I suddenly feel so... so alive! It must be the warmth in here... I... I think I should really go and see my husband about this... feeling... Do you... do you mind if I go?"

Footnote: Script by EH