You order her rather firmly to stay, and even though she seems slightly distressed at it, she remains where she is, her eyes closing as she fights to suppress a low moan of arousal from escaping her throat, still blissfully ignorant of your control over her.

Slowly, almost as if rising unbidden, her hand moves to her blouse, slim fingers trailing up against the buttons, idly fingering at one or another until they make their way to her throat. She lightly pulls at the collar of her blouse, cheeks flushing slightly as she feels the rising need to show off her body to you, a heat flashing through her skin, urging her to seek a minor bit of relief. Then, reluctantly at first, she slips the first button undone, exposing the first flash of the soft plain of flesh hidden beneath the soft texture of the blouse, followed swiftly by a second, then a third, each coming undone faster than the one before it, steadily revealing the teasing view of the valley of her breasts all the way down to just below their lower slopes.

A low, sultry tone escapes from her mouth as her eyes begin to smolder with a hungry passion, "You know... a lot of men look at me when I walk by... You know what they're looking at don't you? They want to see these tits, my big, wonderful titties. You look like you want to see them too. You do don't you? I don't mind... I want you to see them... I want you to see ALL of me...

Footnote: Script by EH