Guest Room

Seeing that the magic has increased its control over her, you tell her to drop her skirt down once more, then pull her top down and show you her breasts.

As her hands eagerly move to carry out your command, her face loses its happy smile, her mind struggling free of the magic holding it for a moment, trying to escape the building fires of lust and submission. And, surprisingly for one who spends her days in the service of another, she fights back harder than any other you have yet enthralled. Still, her fight doesn't stop her instincts to obey, heightened by the magic of your spell, from quickly following any task you give it, her voice the only sign that she still resists as she crawls up onto the bed, kneeling there in her dark stockings as she begins to slowly pull down the bust of her uniform.

"S-stop.... Please..." her eyes water as her voice breaks into a half sobbing plea, "Please don't do this to me... please..."

Do you want to

Footnote: Script by EH