Nina Under a Spell

"Like this?" she says as she opens her shirt and pushes out her chest for impact.

"Just like that, Nina," you say, praising her and smiling as you notice her visceral reaction, her face beginning to flush. "Very good girl."

"Thank you," she says, her shyness beginning to reassert itself. "I... I'm usually not this... this... forward with people."

"Really?" you ask as you step up and run your hands along her very well-toned stomach. "Well then, Nina. Why are you being so... forward... with me then?" Then you begin lightly kissing her neck from behind her.

"I... I..." she stammers, her body reacting of its own volition to the soft touch of your lips.

"There is just... something about me, isn't there Nina?" you ask, knowing full well she is now absolute putty in your hands.

"Ye... Yes..." she whispers. "Something... about you. So powerful. No one has ever made me feel this way."

"Powerful. That's right Nina," you whisper in her ear. "There is something about me. Something you literally can't resist. In fact," you say as you begin to step back away from her, leaving her breathless. "I am so irresistible that you have to do whatever I say. And I'll prove it."

Do you want to:

"Take off your bra for me, Nina."