Nina Under a Spell

She smiles at you as she removes her shirt and begins to pull down her bra, exposing herself for your viewing pleasure.

"You like this, don't you Nina." you say, making what would normally have been a question into more of a command - a command that slips straight into her oh-so-malleable mind. "You like displaying yourself for me, doing things for me that would wouldn't do for anyone else."

She simply moans as the command turns what little fear and apprehension she was still feeling into pure pleasure as she realizes that she does like showing herself off to you.

"That's what I thought," you say, smiling. "And why is that, Nina? Why do you like showing yourself off to me?" A confused look flashes across her face as she tries in vain to understand why she is suddenly feeling so aroused.

"Because you know it pleases me, Nina," you say, smiling at the look of relief that crosses her face. "You would do anything to please me. Wouldn't you, Nina?"

"Yes. Yes, of course I would," she says as your words are incorporated into her new worldview.

"Well then, that means that my happiness is more important that your own, isn't it," you say directly to her subconscious. "In fact, you would be willing to do anything if you knew it would make me happy. Wouldn't you, Nina."

"Why don't you finish taking that bra off and show me that beautiful body of yours."

Do you want to:

wait for her to obey you