Groundskeeper Pamela Under a Spell

"You do seem to be getting rather hot," you say to her suggestively. "Those clothes aren't too restrictive are they?"

"What, these?" she asks, lifting her shirt above her breasts in an attempt to fan herself. "No, these clothes are usually rather cool. They help me to keep from overheating while I work."

Then a flash of inspiration hits you. "Wait. You're the gardener right?" you ask, suddenly very concerned.

"Yes, why?" she says, the urges coursing through her causing her to become very confused.

"Its just that I had heard of an illness that has only recently been discovered," you say, lying through your teeth and enjoying the effect your presence is having on your new plaything. "Its symptoms include an increase in body temperature, flushing of the skin, and the sudden onset on extreme sexual desire."

"You are feeling these things, aren't you, Pamela," you say, more of a statement than a question.

Do you want to:

wait for her to answer you