Groundskeeper Pamela Under a Spell

"Yes," she says, "Oh yes!" She leans up against the stone wall, uncovering more of her delicious flesh for you to gaze at. "An illness? How could I have caught it? Is there a cure? Can you help me?" she cries, quickly losing hope as the spell rages through her body.

You give her a moment, letting the feelings and doubts simmer within her mind. "There is a cure... but I'm not sure you'll like it. Of course, if you don't let me help you, the alternative could be even worse," you say, feigning concern as best you can given the effect her desire is having on your own.

"No, tell me! Anything!" she cries through tightly sealed eyes and barely suppressed moans as a small reflection lets you know that her tears are starting to fall. Whether tears of fear or of pure desire you're not sure.

"Well..." you pause for dramatic effect. "There is only one cure. You must have sex with someone. And you must do so very quickly - otherwise it could be to late."

"But there is a catch," you say, sinking in your hooks. "While it will cure the disease, it will also bind you to the person who cured you. You will be their... well, for lack of a better term, Slave. Completely unable to resist their slightest command." You aren't sure if your attempt at feigning concern is working anymore - but then again you're not sure if Pamela is in any condition to be able to tell the difference either.

Do you want to:

"Do you want me to help you, Pamela?"