A New Faith

Now the upper portion of her vestments part for you, revealing her perfect breasts. "I..." she stammers. "It is taboo. I will be-"

"Fear not," you say. "I only needed to know that you were ready to make a leap of faith before I told you the truth: I am the Lord's Angel of Desire. I have come to deliver the scripture."

The worry melts away from Sister Desiree's face. It all makes sense, now: no wonder she feels such joy at your nearness, if you are an angel. No wonder she has felt arousal, even as a nun, when dreaming of your coming. "What is this scripture?" she asks eagerly. "Tell me!"

"This scripture is not told," you say. "It is felt."

"Then...how do I learn the scripture?" she asks, her breathing coming a little heavier now in anticipation of your answer.

Do you want to:

"Feel my holy Word within you."