A New Faith

Completely taken in by your deception, Desiree opens herself to your spell's power and lets out a contented sigh as it heightens her desires, fills her with pleasure at your nearness, erases her few rebellious thoughts.

She parts her robes entirely and fondles herself, no longer caring about or even seeing her surroundings. "Oh, bliss!" she cries, when she has momentarily sated herself. "Please, if you are an angel then cannot truly be your name. What am I to call you, now that I know what you are?"

"Just call me ," you laugh. "Everyone else does. Now, I must remind you of a teaching of your Mother Superior."

"Yes, ?"

"It is not enough to know the scripture in your heart," you say with an evil grin.

Do you want to:

"You must put it to work in the world."