Victoria Under a Spell

"As you wish, ," she says as she sits down on one of her antique chairs and begins to fondle her breasts. "Is this what you wanted?"

"That will do for now," you say, feeling more and more comfortable around your newest aquisition. "Now, you were telling me about your past enslavement?"

"Yes. The man that I once called my 'father' was actually something of a warlock himself, or at least he tried to be. He knew less than a handfull of spells and never amounted to much - but he was always searching for more magical items."

"Is that why he started an antique store? As a front for his search?"

"Yes. And when he died a few years ago I 'inherited' the store and moved it here to get away from him and the life that I led with him. But it would seem that I was destined to be a slave," she says smiling. "A destiny that I now fully embrace once more."

"Do you wish to use me now, ?" she asks, the smell of sex suddenly assailing you and reminding you why you cast the spell in the first place.

Do you want to:

use your new slave in as many ways as you can think of