Madison Under a Spell

"What did... I... Um... Sorry?" She stammers, her demeanor towards you instantly changing as the spell begins to set in.

"You know," she starts in after a moment to 'regain' her senses. "You're kinda cute and all... and I'm seriously sorry about breaking your stereo."

"I know, but I was seriously looking forward to using that stereo," you say, trying to look upset about it being broken when a much more valuable prize is right in front of you...

And about to be all yours.

"I know, I know..." she says, eyeing you up and down as if she's about to jump you right here and now. "Tell you what... you tell me what you want for not turning me in and I'll do it."

The flash of the spell in her eyes tells you that you could literally ask for anything and she would do it... but what's the point of rushing things...

Do you want to:

"Lift your shirt and show me your breasts."