Louise Under a Spell

She pulls down her uniform to reveal that she isn't wearing anything underneath.

"I've been wondering recently if my friend is taking me for granted. If you were my friend, would you take a body like this for granted?"

You smile to yourself before you respond.This is more like it.

"You know I'll always tell you the truth, right Louise?" you say, and she nods, eager to hear what you have to say. "If I were your friend, I probably would take you for granted," you admit.

"Oh," she says, crestfallen.

"But if you were my lover, you wouldn't mind it."

She doesn't question these words for a moment. She accepts them as absolute law. As you watch she pulls out her cell phone and leaves a breakup message on her friend's voicemail.

"That's done," she says, "I want to be your lover. What do I need to do to become your lover? Please, be honest with me."


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Script by Tilde