Louise Under a Spell

She pulls the janitor outfit off entirely, revealing more of her gorgeous body.

"What else must I do?" she demands. She doesn't sound annoyed so much as anxious to get it done.

"Honestly?" you say, and she nods eagerly. "I'm not looking for an equal relationship. I would rather have a harem of slaves who obey my every whim."

She frowns at that. "That sounds really immoral."

"It isn't immoral at all," you say. "If all of the slaves want to be slaves, long to be owned, then there is nothing wrong about it." She trembles gently at the word owned.

She nods slowly. "Well, I suppose I can't argue with that." You smile inwardly. Her words are truer than she knows. "Still," she continues. "I don't know if... if that kind of life... if that's something I could ever choose."


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Script by Tilde