"I'm sorry, what did... you... say...?" Debra asks, slowing as the spell begins to take effect. You smile as the customary pink hue begins to shine through her eyes. She will soon be yours, as much your pet as the dog on the leash she has beside her. Which gives you an idea.

"I said, don't you just love pets, Debra?" you continue as if nothing has happened.

"What? Pets?" she asks, still confused by the new sensations coursing through her body and mind - opening both of them to suggestion, making her virtual putty in your hands.

"Yes. Pets. The good kind. The kind that follow you around, always obeying your commands, and worshipping their owners like their own personal gods. Like your little friend there," you say, pointing at her puppy. "Don't you just love pets?"

"Yes... Love pets..." she moans, the strength of her newly discovered feelings beginning to overwhelm her.

"I bet you'd love to be a pet,too," you say to her, then notice how distracted she is getting.

"Perhaps you should sit down, Debra. You seem a little light headed. We wouldn't want you to fall, now would we?"

She stands still, too confused and aroused to come to a conclusive decision on her own.