Debra Kelly under a Charm Spell

Responding to the authority in your voice, Debra squats down on the pavement, letting loose her pet's leash as other things become more and more important to her.

"That's a good girl Debra."

"Mmm. Good girl," she says, smiling up at you as a shiver of pleasure runs down her spine.

"Yes. You're a good girl. Just like your pet there. A good girl does as she is told, always obeys her Owner."

"Owner? But I'm not... I'm a woman, not a... not a... pet." Already she sounds as if she would rather believe you than herself.

"A woman?" you ask. "Women are independent, strong people who are in complete control of their actions. You aren't in control anymore, Debra. You can feel the pleasure can't you? I am causing that pleasure, Debra... I am the reason you can't control yourself."

You pause to allow all of this to sink into her oh-so-malleable mind. Then after a moment, you move in for the kill. "In fact... I bet you're going to start playing with yourself right now, aren't you."