"Play with myself? That would be... I shouldn't. I'm in public... should I?" she asks, losing the battle with her body as her hand snakes down and begins to rub her clit, sending even more waves of mind-numbing pleasure through her.

"That's right Debra. A real woman wouldn't do that in public. But you're not a real woman, are you Debra... After all, look at what you're doing."

"Not a real woman?" she asks, between moans.

"That's right Debra, you're not a woman anymore. From now on you are just an animal, a plaything, a pet. It's okay for pets to pleasure themselves when they have their Owner's permission. You want to pleasure yourself, you like feeling this good - don't you Debra?"

"Okay for pets to feel this way. To do this. Yes..." she moans, losing herself to your suggestions.

"Good girl, Debra" you say, sending another wave of pleasure through her body. "You're going to cum soon aren't you Debra, and when you do your transformation will be complete. You will no longer be a woman, will you. You will be an animal, a pet, a thing, a possession to be owned. You want that, don't you Debra? You want to be owned - need to be owned. To be nothing more than an object for your 's pleasure, to have no purpose in life other than to serve your as best you can. That is all you will live for from now on."

You can tell that she is moments away from orgasm, the tiny part of her that is still fighting you quickly dying under your assault.